August – September: plans and achievements in Blue Dragon Jet


August – September: plans and achievements in Blue Dragon Jet

2023 holiday season is coming to an end, sadly together with the beautiful weather. Rested and motivated, we have to go back to intensive work. There are many challenges and interesting events ahead of us still this year. What is the plan for September at GAMM-BUD? Both brands Blue Dragon Jet and Green Dragon Products are intensively expanding their offer and entering new markets. See details below.

New products in the offer of Green Dragon Products

Green Dragon Products, our brand offering products for the water and sewage sector, presents two new products this month! One has already been seen by some of you, but is currently on sale and available immediately – heads for cleaning wells. Strong, effective and failure-free, they have already found customers who have been waiting for them.

You can learn more about the manhole cleaning head here:

Another product and a complete novelty in GDP is the OERTZEN Mobil 500 high-pressure washer. The washer joined our offer due to its excellent parameters and work efficiency, as well as universal use.

Detailed description:

NEW for telkom from Blue Dragon Jet

At Blue Dragon Jet, we are also not idle, marking our presence in the telecommunications industry with an important device for specialists in trenchless technologies. The pusher – designed and manufactured by us – will have its premiere during the ECOC 2023 fair in Glasgow. Then you will be able to see it live, and after its return it will join the offer permanently.

Our pusher is a hydraulic device for pushing fiberglass, equipped with speed and force adjustment and a meter counter, so you have full control over the process of pushing the fiber. Pucher offers also possibility of mounting various sizes of pipes thanks to interchangeable holders. Mounted on a stable frame, protected against corrosion, with the option of tilting over the telecommunications well and attaching to the side walls of the well. The hydraulic control system allows the fiber to be pushed in and out. To operate the machine is required a hydraulic unit.

The aforementioned ECOC will be in a month’s time. One of the largest events for the telecommunications industry. We will also be there, what’s more, we will share a stand with our long-term partner FCA S.A, offering a large range of products for the industry. By following our social media:




find out which machines you will see at booth 748 in Glasgow.

Become a distributor of BDJ products

Our network of distributors in Europe is growing. We are extremely happy about this, because customers from different places around the world will be able to take advantage of the professional service of local sellers and the service in their location.

We are still looking for more companies or people and companys who want to get to know our products and offer them to their customers.

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