Newsletter – FEBRUARY 2024



We kicked off the year 2024 in the best possible way. Summarizing sales and fast growing distributor network from the past year allowed us to appreciate our mutual work and spurred us on for further actions.

We are extremely proud of the number of new customers, as well as the feedback we receive from our existing fiber blowing machine users. Production – its entire department has always been our pride and a focal point in the company, on which development we systematically and intensively work on. Our own CNC machine park has enabled us to implement unconventional solutions adapted to the individual needs of our customers. Importantly, every feedback from users is analyzed by us, and some of them have been incorporated into our serial production! We believe that only such cooperation can build long-lasting relationships. This confirms that our slogan “OUR TECHNOLOGY – YOUR SUCCESS” is not just an empty slogan!

However, the year 2023 showed that the service and training department are also appreciated by our customers. In this newsletter, we will mention the scope and offer of both of these departments.


Our offer of comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the construction of modern telecommunication networks, with particular emphasis on fiber blowing technology, has regular recipients among many companies that want to train their employees and prepare them for professional work in this field. Our training is dedicated to telecommunication operators, telecommunication companies, and subcontractors who want to broaden their knowledge and skills in the area of the latest technologies used in the telecommunications industry. These trainings take place at our headquarters, where we offer practical knowledge acquisition for each participant through a practical external and internal test route. Additionally, valuable theoretical knowledge allows for a better understanding of the process, course, and consequences of actions taken by the operator when working with the fiber blowing machine.

Free fiber blowing machine operation training

The above area of training is not the only one we offer. We also conduct free on-site and online training for the operation of fiber blowing machines for our customers. Anyone who purchases a Blue Dragon Jet fiber blowing machine has the opportunity to undergo training individually or with their team of operators. On-site training also includes practical exercises on the purchased machine using our internal and external test routes. Both types of training, online and on-site, aim to provide all the necessary information for optimal use of the fiber blowing machine in daily work. You will also learn about situations that may surprise you during the blowing process and how to deal with them to achieve the best results.


Last year, we focused on raising awareness among our clients about the importance of regular machine maintenance. You had the opportunity to see how machines look that not only are not sent to us for regular inspection but are also stored improperly. Purchasing a fiber blowing machine is an investment. With proper use and maintenance, it will serve for many years, offering the same results. Throughout the past year, we repeatedly posted on our social media photos from machine servicing before and after. We did this to further emphasize the importance of their proper operation and storage. Purchasing a fiber blowing machine is an investment. With proper use and maintenance, it will serve for many years, offering the same results.

We are immensely pleased that our service department is constantly filled with machines in very different conditions, but we are confident that this will change after the machine is received. Restoring a machine to its full glory after years of use is a challenge for us, but we know how it changes the user’s awareness.

Using our fiber blowing machine service is extremely easy. Just visit our website and go to the “Service” tab, fill out the Service Request form, and send it to us along with the machine.