July 2023 training with BDJ team


July 2023 training with BDJ team

The summary of July at #GAMMBUD is extremely satisfying for us, because it was a month of numerous trainings and meetings with clients from various parts of Europe. Guided by our main assumption, i.e. “Our technology – your success“, we never leave customers without appropriate training on our equipment, both: blowing machines and devices from the water and sewage sector. Why? The success that our slogan says is not an empty phrase, but an assumption that, thanks to the use of machines and devices of our production, you are to implement in your business. The key to this is knowledge and the ability to optimally use each of the devices. Although these products are not complicated in their construction – knowledge of their construction, all functionalities, various techniques, and often – even basic knowledge are the key to achieving the expected results. That’s why we train.

We conduct various types of training:

Training for distributors

Distributors cooperating with GAMM-BUD undergo cyclical training conducted by specialists from our team. Training on the construction and operation of devices in the technical field – use and servicing of equipment and practical – use of devices at work.

In addition, companies cooperating with GAMM-BUD in the field of distribution obtain the necessary sales knowledge about the legitimacy of using the devices we offer and the numerous benefits of their use.

Cyclical trainings allow you to update your knowledge of currently sold products and new products introduced by GAMM-BUD.

Certified training for distributors and sellers

We also offer certified training on fiber optic technology and the use of modern devices for inserting fiber optic cables into ducts and microducts. After completing the training, the distributor has the necessary knowledge to professionally train his salespeople on products and devices targeted at the telecommunications industry, as well as on the benefits of their use.

Training for service points

We enable distributors cooperating with GAMM-BUD to run a service point for our devices. We offer comprehensive training in this area and constant access to spare parts. Full training allows us to offer comprehensive services to sellers and customers and is an additional advantage of using the distribution offer.

Training for companies and individual training

If you work in the telecommunications field or in the water and sewage industry and need training on the use of modern and proven devices that will improve your work, learn about our training offer or order a training tailored to your or your company’s needs.

One of the most important trainings conducted in July for the water and sewage sector was a co-organized training for the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians Branch in Katowice. It was a training that broadened the knowledge of the participants in the field of leak testing, the related legal basis and the methods and devices used for testing.

Under the Blue Dragon Jet brand, i.e. our brand of products for the telecommunications sector, we conducted training for representatives of the international company GABOCOM on the following topics:

  • Construction of modern teletechnical networks using the technique of blowing fiber optic cables.
  • Blowing fiber optic cables with a blower in practice. Practical training.
  • Construction of cable ducts and microducts.

The joint exchange of knowledge with a company experienced in telecommunications was an excellent opportunity to talk about the need to raise awareness about modern solutions in the field of network construction and the quality of the products that are used.

The training was an excellent opportunity to discuss broadly understood issues related to the construction of fiber optic networks. The exchange of experience between companies that are responsible for another element of network construction allows not only to understand the legitimacy of some solutions, but also to improve technologies or individual products. Together, we also notice the need to raise the awareness of companies and operators about modern methods used in telecommunications, the essence of high-quality products used to build networks.