BDJ June 2023 Summary


At the beginning of today’s newsletter, we must thank to the customers who gave us a lot of positive feedback after exhibitions meetings. We managed to establish promising contacts and we are looking forward to further cooperation.


Although June is telecommunications hot season, the Blue Dragon Jet team is in top form. We are intensively developing a network of distributors around the world. We meet committed companies from the industry and beyond, who appreciate our products and are able to offer sales and service in their countries. In last few weeks joined us two distributor companys – from the UK and Germany, who will soon offer their services after comprehensive training of BDJ products.

We are still looking for committed distributors in Europe and beyond. Our simple and attractive model of cooperation will allow you to achieve new goals and develop while working with Blue Dragon Jet products. Once again, we invite everyone interested to contact our marketing and sales manager Magdalena Mickowska – In a week we will share with you a video that will clearly explain our model of cooperation and we hope that you will be interested in joining the Blue Dragon Jet distributor network.

BDJ BRAIN RECORDERS – now available

After months of efforts, our BDJ BRAIN blowing parameter recorders are available for regular sale. Their quantities are not unlimited, but each customer can count on fast order processing and shipping right now. We would like to remind you that the BDJ BRAIN recorder is not only dedicated to our blowing machines, but it fits all available blowers on the market. A special adapter allows you to adjust the recorder to work with various models of blowing machines. Details about the recorder can be found on our website:


Effective and right done work in the telecommunications industry depends on two factors: the contractor’s skills and the appropriate equipment. At GAMM-BUD, we can support companies in both areas. We offer:

– blowing machines for building backbone networks (;

– blowing machines for building access networks (;

– blowing machines for FTTH (

For each type of network, we offer several types of blowing machines that you can adjust to your budget and the type of work (cables and microducts diameters) to optimally perform the work. In the Blue Dragon Jet social media and on the YouTube channel you will find #blowingmachines dedicated to particular types of networks.


Already this month we start theoretical and practical training for blow molding machine operators and telecommunications companies. Training covers many areas depending on the needs of the company, as well as planned orders. The training can be used by both business owners to learn the idea and practical aspects of building modern teletechnical networks using the technique of blowing fiber optic cables, as well as operators who need theoretical and practical knowledge. Our test routes will allow you to experience the practical aspects of blowing and the proper preparation of blowing machines for work.

We provide trainings online, on-site and in our headquarters. Please check our detailed offer: