May 2023 in Blue Dragon Jet


May 2023 has been really intense for us. Not only for the telecommunications industry, i.e. our #BlueDragonJet, but also for the water and sewage industry. Exhibitions, meetings with clients, trips to clients and the last touches of our new machine. Although there are still some important trips ahead of us. There is a lot to write about!

Let’s start with our impressions after the ANGACOM 2023 – did not disappoint us one bit. We had a real pleasure to meet almost all competitive companies, our regular customers, as well as meet new ones. There are few such opportunities during the year, which is why we made the most of it. We like to believe that customers come to us and stay with us because of the quality of our products, but also the fact that we produce for them – often – we „sew tailor-made solutions”. In order to continue to implement this customer policy, we talked a lot about the market, about the needs, expectations and problems emerging in the industry. We will keep in mind the extremely valuable comments of our customers and visitors when designing new #telecommunication solutions.

During ANGACOM in Cologne, took place the premiere of our new BDJ MICRON blowing machine. We are very pleased with the positive opinions, as well as comments and, above all, the interest in our #FTTH #blowingmachine. For those who have not had the opportunity to see the device with their own eyes, we will briefly mention that it is a blowing machine for the smallest cables with a special electronic cable protection system. Thanks to the automatic and electrically controlled feeder allows for safe blowing of access cables in the range of 0,5 to 4 mm into microducts with diameters of 5, 7 and 10 mm. BDJ MICRON has a convenient power supply from a replaceable battery. Picked up from production on Friday, and presented on Monday at the exhibition, MICRON allowes for numerous substantive talks and reassured us that it will be another indispensable machine in professional telecommunications companies.

BDJ BRAIN, our #recorder of blowing parameters, was also popular as always. Our Brain was the first that received a positive opinion from Deutsche Telekom. This popularity meant also that on the last day of the exhibition we were left without a single BDJ BRAIN at the stand. However, we are glad that visitors of our stand did not leave empty-handed 🙂

Impressive stands, professional sellers, technological curiosities and crowds of interested people. There was a lot to like about ANGACOM 2023!

On site, at our headquarters in Skarbimierzyce near Szczecin, we were also busy as always. Although a large part of our team was active at the fair, a lot of blowing machines appeared in the company for inspection and service to prepare them for season. We try to build awareness and the habit of taking care of the equipment, because even though our blowingmachines have an extremely low failure rate, they will serve much longer and better if treated well. The service works continuously. There is a small queue, but we are doing our best to get the blowers back into the field as soon as possible.

People who follow our social media profiles and website have certainly noticed the information about the search for #distributors of Blue Dragon Jet products around the world. Yes! We are growing intensively. The rising number of customers from countries, cities and corners that we have not always known about, makes them need their own distributor, who will shor, explain, serve, sell our machines and be at hand in matters of service or spare parts. If you are active in the telecommunications industry, there is nothing stopping you from joining to our network of Blue Dragon Jet products distributors.

And the ECOC is ahead of us… a few more months and we will see you in Glasgow!